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Cold Shower

Apropos of your excellent “Climactic Climate” piece by Alastair Bland (June 12, 2024), I have my own hack for reducing carbon, saving water and improving personal health all at the same time: I’ve stopped using hot water completely in my showering.

I walk straight into a bracing cold shower, giving myself a strong shot of dopamine, which charges me with energy, strength and a sense of well-being. After wetting all over, I turn off the water and soap down, then rinse off with more completely cold water and am out of the shower after about five-plus minutes.

The cold-water-dopamine high lasts me a few hours longer, giving me an excellent start to my day. Further, I have not started up the gas-burning, carbon-producing water heater.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Try it; you will learn to love it as I do! I could never go back to the enervating hot shower. Personal, direct action, controlling our behavior, is empowering and the only immediate way to help stop climate change.

Daniel Keller

San Rafael

Climate Change

Earth burns

in all four corners

melted polar caps cannot quench its thirst

we’ve replaced running rivers

with dumped sewage,

forests lay bare

the remains of chopped down trees

as we suffocate ourselves

animals wander lost

in search of food

that we’ve stolen from them

Earth burns

as we sit in its four corners

continuing to turn over the coals

Bianca May

Rohnert Park


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music in the park san jose