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Minority Rule

Dave Heller (“Letters,” July 19) is right, we need both “final five” and ranked voting in all elections. The 50 Republican senators represent 40% of the population. Minority rule happens when voters have no choices except the incompetent candidates from the two lame-ass major parties. Competition and anti-monopoly practices work for consumers, and they will work for voters. What organization in the world would tolerate replacing a degenerate imbecile “leader” in his 70s with a man older than he is? Is this really the best we can do, America?

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael


Thank you, Nikki Silverstein, for providing the true information about, and straight from, the unhoused residents whose conditions you write about (“Tent Tension,” July 19). Government and mainstream media tend to disinform and refuse unhoused people a voice. I appreciate, also, your coverage of the oppression of unhoused folks by governments.

Monica Martella

Via PacificSun.com

Local Resource

Whether addressing homelessness, housing inequities or rogue police brutality, your articles are always well researched, balanced, insightful, articulate and timely (“Tent Tension,” July 19). You are a valuable local resource. The Pacific Sun and our community are fortunate to have you!

Jerry Spolter

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