William Hung: Bad, Not Bad Enough

 Thanks to Annabelle King, whose Bad 13 Challenge entry spans the overplayed, thehighly obsucre, and the sucky-under-any-circumstance. The Terrible Thirteen by Annabelle King

  1. Jailhouse Rock—Eilert Pilarm
  2. Paralyzed—The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
  3. Lullabye—Shawn Mullins
  4. She Bangs—William Hung
  5. Tiger Roach—Frank Zappa
  6. Now That I’m a Woman—Mia Farrow
  7. Ich Bin’Ne Bitch—Lady Bitch Ray
  8. Rock’N Roll McDonald’s—Wesley Willis
  9. The Sun Always Shines on T.V.—A-Ha
  10. Dead Puppies—Dr. Demento
  11. Mr. Snuggles—The Bram Flakes
  12. Gretchen’s New Dish—Dick Kent
  13. Big Girls Don’t Cry—Edith Massey

Eilert Pilarm is a Swedish Elvis impersonator.  He is not a very good one, either.I don’t watch television, so I hadn’t heard William Hung before. It’s not so bad. But his lack of talent is why he was able to record an album in the first place, and we were looking for songs that were genuinely bad instead of crafted to be bad.Wesley Willis’ music isn’t bad so much as unusual. It’s not good, but a lot of people enjoy listening to it, though the same can be said of the Mulan soundtrack. Anyhow, I was once head-butted by Wesley Willis. Only a few thousand people in the world can make such a claim!“Gretchen’s New Dish” is from the highly recommended The American Song-Poem Story anthology CD. It’s one of my all-time favorite comps, in fact. “Gretchen’s New Dish” is one of the more bizarre songs on a collection of bizarre songs, yes. Read more about song-poems here.“Big Girls Don’t Cry” was, I thought for sure, Phyllis Diller. But it’s Edith Massey, who is best known for her appearances in landmark John Waters films such as Pink Flamingoes and Female Trouble.

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