Wicked Chris

Isaak croons for the girlfriend in all of us

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By Garrett Wheeler

Chris Isaak is one of those lucky few musicians who hit the big time without ever having to become part of the freak-show circus. You won’t see him prancing around stage in tight leather pants, and his face doesn’t grace the cover of trashy tabloid magazines every six months. No, the down to earth retro-rocker is perfectly content crooning his ballads free of all the gimmicks that most pop stars seem utterly reliant upon.

Well, there is one gimmick that Isaak won’t pass up: sex. Who can forget that steamy music video that accompanied the ’90s megahit, “Wicked Game”? As my girlfriend says, “It’s like, hot.” Yes, hot. A dripping wet Helena Christianson (who is also topless, I might add) squirms around on a beach while Isaak, looking like an all-American model himself, lures her in with his drawling vocals. In the end, the two half-naked hotties find themselves in a sultry embrace, giving us all a very good reason to fall in love with Isaak’s luscious, umm, melodies. With nine chart-topping albums to his credit, it’s no wonder the Bay Area native calls himself lucky. We just wish he’d release another music video.

Catch the handsome balladeer on Saturday, July 14, as part of the Rodney Strong Summer Music series. Rodney Strong Vineyards, 11455 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg. 6pm. $65-$95. 866.779.4637.


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