View From Above

Insane Google Earth tour of Humboldt marijuana farms

As we reported yesterday, it’s California Pot Week for the Supreme Court.

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If you want a view of the issue that’s less tell, more show, this Mother Jones video is for you. It’s an incredible Google Earth tour of Humbolt County’s industrial-scale growers, showing first-hand the environmental devastation that can come with such an under-regulated crop. You’ll see clear-cut, arid patches amid the Redwoods that hide these farm, and hear an overview from environmental sociologist Anthony Silvaggio from Humbolt State University.
“I think the fact that it’s unregulated is a real problem,” he says in the film, adding that local agencies like County Agricultural Commissioners can’t help growers who might want to green up their act because they receive federal dollars and it is, of course, federally prohibited.
Again, watch this awesome video here.

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