The Noose Tightens

The law closes in on Trump and Co.

‘I am not a crook.” So spoke Richard Nixon, almost 45 years ago, which preceded his downfall, the result of charges involving the Watergate break-in and subsequent investigation. And now you, Mr. Trump, issue your own arrogant statement regarding the current investigation of Russian influence into the presidential campaign and your current administration, calling it a “witch hunt.”

Robert Mueller’s current investigation will be far-reaching and take time, which is appropriate, given the potential ramifications of what may have occurred. With these indictments, he has just dropped his first payload of bombs . . . right on target . . . right into your bunker!

Of course, Mr. Trump, you have the authority to pardon all members of your inner circle at any time. You could also terminate Mr. Mueller’s inquiry, should the heat and smoke of those investigative fires draw near and begin to drop blackened ashes on your residence and singe the curtains and carpets of the Oval Office you now occupy. But be judicious with that authority; a bridge too far could be crossed should you choose such actions. This is a no-win situation. And midterm elections are coming up quickly, one year away. You may have the unpleasant spectacle of observing your “loyal supporters” as rats jumping off a sinking ship, to save their own political asses, as it becomes clear to them your vessel is no longer seaworthy. A few of the more courageous have already repudiated you and your policies.

As with Nixon’s accomplices, Mr. Trump, your cohorts will now face the ongoing scrutiny of both legal and public accountability for their actions, and if found guilty will be punished for their deeds. At this point we don’t know where this inquiry will lead, but as with Mr. Nixon, the past strategy to “follow the money” could once again be important territory to explore. And you, Mr. Trump (to echo your affinity for repetitive adverbs) should very, very, very concerned and fearful. Time is not on your side.

E. G. Singer lives in Santa Rosa

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