.E. G. Singer

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Dec 29, 2021

Tag …You’re It—Playing Games in Congress

Remember playing this childhood game with friends?  A small group of boys and girls would get together and designate one person as IT—and then scatter...
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Dec 9, 2021

State of Chaos—Gun violence stains U.S.

“Who is the slayer, who the victim? Speak.” —Sophocles Please don’t respond again with the outworn phrase, “This is not who we are.” This is...
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Oct 27, 2021

Open Mic: Reluctant Warrior Collin Powell, 1937-2021

By E.G. Singer “Reluctant warrior” was the phrase Colin Powell used to describe himself when it came to the various positions he occupied over...
Sep 8, 2021

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

“The Texas state motto, begun in 1930, is ‘friendship.’ The motto, purportedly chosen because the name of Texas or Tejas was the Spanish pronunciation...
Sep 23, 2020

Open Mic: Remembering Justice Ginsburg

There has been much biographical and historical content written about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg over the last 25 years;...
Aug 26, 2020

Open Mic: America boils over

The boiling frog is a fable describing a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is...
Jul 15, 2020

Open Mic: Remembering Carl Reiner

“Dying is easy, comedy is hard.” This quote is purported to have been spoken by an...
Jun 3, 2020

‘Them Belly Full’

“Them belly full, but we hungry / A hungry mob is an angry mob” Those opening lines are from a 1974 song by reggae musician,...