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Our new video series debuts

Last week we aired our second episode of
“The Bohemian Life,” a video feature that profiles the people who make the North Bay what it is. What is the North Bay? That depends on whom you talk to. We’re going to talk to chefs, winemakers, surfers, farmers, writers, brewers, artists, cyclists, musicians, and anyone else we find who’s got a good story to tell.

The first installment focused on David Kent and the Santa Rosa Table Tennis Club. Last week focused on Sebastopol antiquarian bookseller Ben Kinmont. My vision for these videos is to create a series of three- to five-minute-long documentaries about our North Bay neighbors doing what they love. Like the videos on table tennis and Kinmont, some of the videos will supplement our cover stories and other articles in the Bohemian. These will generally feature the reporter on location introducing the story and the people in it in a loose, unscripted format.

Other videos will stand alone as special, web-only content. These will be shot and produced by out videographers as mini documentaries.

I’m excited about this new venture, as it opens a whole new avenue of storytelling. We’re diving in head-first.

Please check out the videos on Bohemian.com or go straight to our YouTube channel at tinyurl.com/boholife, and please subscribe. There’s not a lot there now, but much more is on the way.

In addition to the work we do in-house, I’d love to see short documentaries created by Bohemian readers. We’ll air the best of them on Bohemian.com and on our Facebook page at facebook.com/bohemian. Send them to me at [email protected].

See you in the movies!

Stett Holbrook is the editor of this paper.

We welcome your contribution. To have your topical essay of 350 words considered for publication, write [email protected].


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