Spring Fashion 2011

North Bay Haute Couture

As the saying goes, fashion is where one finds it—but rarely do we think to look anywhere besides glossy Italian magazines or the runway at Bryant Park. The notion that top-level, high-fashion designers could be hiding in the hems of our very own region? Nonsense, some would say. Turn the page, we say.

Inside, we take a look at designers working in small studios in places like Graton and Santa Rosa but who are turning heads in New York and London. You’ll meet Becky Kelso, whose jewelry has been worn by Cate Blanchett and Penelope Cruz; Emily Melville, whose clothing has been selected by Neiman Marcus; Merria Dearman, the hairstylist turned Broadway wigmaker to the stars; and, throwing a stitch to the guys, Dominic Chambrone, who’s personally sold his laser-etched, sewn and altered shoes to Rick Ross, will.i.am and Justin Bieber.

Look inside, and try to tell us we ain’t the classiest act in town.

Emily Melville

Becky Kelso

Dominic Chambrone

Merria Dearman

Photography by Sara Sanger. Hair by Ashley Allred. Makeup by Rochell Overn. Profiles by Leilani Clark.

Sonoma County Library