.Sonoma County Settles Esa Wroth Lawsuit for $1.25 Million

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Deputy Sonoma County Counsel Josh Myers just called the Fishing Report with the information that the county has settled its lawsuit with Esa Wroth for $1.25 million. Wroth sued in federal court after being Tasered over 20 times during a Nov. 2014 arrest and booking at the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Center. 

“A settlement was reached,” Myers said, adding that there was mutual agreement over the terms: “The county didn’t admit liability, and Esa Wroth agreed to dismiss all claims against the county and the individual deputies” named in the federal lawsuit. 

Was there a financial settlement? “There was.” To the tune of of $1.25 million. The county auditor’s office will cut the check, Myers said. 


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