Song of Hope

Writing a new financial folk song


I recently read the Sept. 6 edition of Bohemian and found Juliane Poirer’s piece on writing a new political folk song (“Imagine,” Sept. 6).

I would like to contact people who feel that political songs can organize us all so we can focus on the correct leaders for these times. Those who would confuse and confound us with myriad issues can defeat us. We need many talents to collaborate on the fundamental issues.

I am a retired engineer and an organist at church. I have many political songs completed and many in the works, e.g. anti-torture, anti-tax breaks for the rich (on YouTube). I was one of the computer engineers who automated buying and selling of stocks on the NYSE and I know how the market manipulators steal everyone’s pensions. We implemented computer trades back in 1968-1972.

Now we have big money corrupting everything. The stewards of capitalism have now overplayed their hands to the point where they are clearly criminal. We might be able to galvanize the public.

There are myriad scams at every enterprise. The challenge is to take one at a time and bring it to the attention of the public such that the public demands prosecution and solution.

There is a lady, a ‘Joan of Arc,’ who was a commissioner on the commodities exchange from where the landslide of criminal ‘derivatives’ were sold. Her name is Brooksley Born. Google her name. When she was blowing the whistle in 2004-2006, the auspicious names in finance burned her reputation at the stake of media and Congress.

I’ve been working with words and minor chords. I have the computer trading information and financial information to expose. Those who sold air-securities to banks around the world have committed a clearly criminal act which is able to be prosecuted in virtually any country in the world.

This is the big potato. The parasite always kills its host. Sooner or later, the world economy will be so devastated that informed people can clearly see what has happened. Let’s make a song. I hope to collaborate with any and all who can simplify the message yet illustrate the problem.

John O’Brien is a retired engineer living in Petaluma.

Sonoma County Library