September 3: Earl Thomas at Cloverdale Plaza

Last week at Pick’s Drive-In, the girls working talked about college and boys. Out on Main Street, jumpy houses heralded the festivities, with booths for hummus, BBQ, flowers, ice cream and more. Modern sculpture dots the plaza where Big Sandy sang about blackberry wine, and on the patio between the post office and the fire station, couples swung, two-stepped and hopped to the music. Yes, Cloverdale sure lights up on Friday nights in the summertime. “There aren’t too many small towns like this left anymore,” Big Sandy noted, “but I guess if there were, the ones like this wouldn’t be so special.” This week, it’s fantastic soul belter Earl Thomas who brings the diverse community together with outstanding pipes and a great onstage demeanor. Enjoy a little slice of Americana way up in the little city that could on Friday, Sept. 3, at the Cloverdale Plaza. Main and Broad Streets, Cloverdale. 8pm. Free. 707.894.4410.

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