September 2: Our Other Weapon Is a Zine at Peep Show

Blogs may have dethroned zines as the immediate outlet of choice for writers, but Petals and Bones zinemakers and Bohemian contributors Leilani Clark and Dani Burlison aren’t so sure. “It’s nice to have something tangible to hold in your hands,” says Clark of photocopied zines, which she’s cut-and-pasted since the mid-’90s. “It’s not something that necessarily will last forever, and it’s meant to be passed around.” The two are currently on a week-long zine tour they’re calling Our Other Weapon Is a Zine, doing readings with other writers and would-be zinemakers, and their Santa Rosa stop features Clark’s own band the 50/50s, along with plenty of beer and whatever cutting-edge art happens to be on the walls at Peep Show, the new hip spot in town. Celebrate the power of self-publishing and pick up a copy of Petals and Bones on Thursday, Sept. 2, at Peep Show. 530 McConnell Ave., Santa Rosa. 7pm. Free. No phone.

Sonoma County Library