September 26: Handcar Regatta at Depot Park

Unless you’ve got tickets to see the pennant-racing Giants play that day, there is no understandable reason for missing out on the fantastic Third Annual 2010 Great West End & Railroad Square Handcar Regatta & Exposition of Mechanical & Artistic Wonders, otherwise known as the Handcar Regatta. For the uninitiated, the Regatta is the region’s foremost cultural hodgepodge of all things wildly imaginative, including but hardly limited to art, music, costume, magic, vaudeville, marching bands and sculpture. The Regatta’s raison d’être is ostensibly the foot- and hand-powered vehicles of all crazy design barreling down the railroad tracks, but the carnival atmosphere surrounding the races is worth the price of admission alone. Oh, you hadn’t heard? Yes, the Regatta is charging admission this year. Here’s the great thing: it’s only $1. Don’t miss it on Sunday, Sept. 26, at Depot Park. Railroad Square, Santa Rosa. 11am–6pm. $1.

Sonoma County Library
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