Sept. 12: Katmandu Festival at Depot Park in Sonoma

If your first introduction to Nepal was the family hi-fi playing Cat Stevens’ flute-fluff song “Katmandu,” with lines like “The morning lake drinks up the sky,” you’re forgiven for not attending the Katmandu Festival this weekend. But for those who’ve regularly visited one of the many great Nepalese restaurants in the area, it’s great news that Sonoma County has such a large Sherpa population it can host a full food, music and culture festival named after Nepal’s capital. Filled with naan, curry, chutney and mushrooms, the cuisine of Nepal is a treat that smaller cities don’t have the luxury of eating very often, and with exotic dance and live music as side orders to the tandoori oven, Sonoma is the place to be. Finish it all up with some mango ice cream on Saturday, Sept. 12, at Depot Park. 270 First St. W., Sonoma. 11am–5pm. Free. 707.538.7023.Gabe Meline