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Sebastopol label celebrates triple album release

There’s no stopping Sonoma County’s former hip-hop collective Sonicbloom. The band-turned-label has become a cornerstone for artists to pursue independent careers in rapping and beat production.

Now a full-on label exec, founding member Spencer Williams, aka Spends Quality, has been promoting CFO Recordings artists, as well as his own music, through synergetic album releases. Time Piece showcases Sonicbloom beat master Mr. Tay, whose complexity and melodic risk-taking proves polished and appealing. Alongside that is the debut solo album of Sonicbloom saxophonist-vocalist J. Kendall, whose Maxwell-esque neo-soul jams on Moving Forward are kept fresh with hip-hop bass lines. Featured artists include N8 the Gr8 and Maryann, keeping the energy high on an album doused in Kendall’s velvet delivery.

Tripling down for full effect, Williams’ own Flight Music is a self-produced sophomore album, less rhythmically varied but equally proficient in showcasing his talent as a quick-witted lyricist. “After collaborating in the group dynamic for so long,” he says, “it was nice to be able to take ownership and say, ‘I produced this whole record.'”

All three albums are solid reflections of CFO’s maturing productivity. And while the threefold drop is ambitious, it should earn the label some hype for its hard work. CFO Records presents their triple album release party with Spends Quality, J. Kendall and friends at on Friday, June 7, at Hopmonk Tavern. 230 Petaluma Ave., Sebastopol. 9pm. $10–$15. 707.829.7300.


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