Pop Unplugged

The Blow engineer a new sound

Electro pop duo the Blow describe their sound as “intimacy made tangible.” Though their music has long been laptop-centric, the duo of Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne, currently based in New York City, are shaking up the format of their performance in a big way with a series of “unplugged” concerts.

“For us, this is really radical,” says Maricich (pictured, left) by phone while on tour in New Mexico. “We wondered what would it be like if we started playing instruments. It felt crazy at first.”

At a time when electronic music is becoming ever more prevalent, the Blow’s bold new direction is about as punk as it gets, stepping away from the familiarity of the laptop and exploring the openness of spontaneous live performance.

Covering the group’s entire catalogue, the unplugged shows are only increasing the intimacy and presence of the pair onstage. Working in tandem at their rig of synths and instruments, the pair put on a show that is anything but acoustic.

“There are actually about a hundred plugs going in, but this time we are making it happen live,” explains Maricich. “Melissa and I really have to tune into each other on the most delicate mental levels. We have to be present in that moment of the music’s inception.”

The Blow unplug the laptops on Wednesday, Feb. 4, at City Winery,
1030 Main St., Napa. 8pm. $13–$18. 707.260.1600.