Pliny the Younger Returns!

It’s almost that time of year again. In what has becomes a February tradition in Santa Rosa, Russian River Brewing Company is bringing back their most sought-after release, Pliny the Younger, for its annual limited run at their brewpub.

Beginning Friday, February 3, and lasting until February 16, beer lovers from near and far will be lining up around the block in the cold and rain to get a taste of the most famous triple IPA in the world.  If you’ve spent any time standing in the long lines in years past, you know the wait can be long, really long, so Russian River Brewing is once again implementing their three beer / three hour limit for patrons. This helped last year to ensure everyone had a chance to get their hands on that Pliny. Still, there’s only a certain allotment of Pliny the Younger on hand for each day, so get there early. 

If you’ve never braved the cold and sometimes wet wait, Russian River Brewing has several tips for surviving the line and enjoying your Pliny. First, no tents or stand up structures will be allowed in line, as they tend to blow away in the wind and usually end up blocking sidewalks and other business entrances, and that’s bad, m’kay? Instead, bring layers, umbrellas and a hot thermos of coffee for your stay on the streets of Santa Rosa. Second, people in lines HATE it when you show up late and join your friends in front of them, so if you want to get in line early make sure your whole party comes together. Basically, be considerate and everyone will get along, easy peasy!

You can go to Russian River Brewing’s website for more details and insights. Then get in line, ASAP!