Oct.29: Scary Funny in Mill Valley

Have you ever been so scared that you laughed? If so, the upcoming Grin Reapers extravaganza is for you. Featuring a strong lineup of standup comedians, a costume contest and Halloween-themed musical numbers, this special event boasts spooky stories and songs that will chill and delight. Gasp as comedians read their favorite tales of terror from masters of the macabre like Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe! Shriek as award-winning mentalist Sebastian Boswell III performs amazing feats of magic! Laugh your head off as Diane Amos, Will Durst, Gil Gross, Terry McGovern and many others perform on Saturday, Oct. 29, at Throckmorton Theatre, 142 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley! 8pm. $20–$30. 415.383.9600.