Oct. 27 and Oct. 28: Zombie Walk at Copperfield’s Books


The cool thing about zombies is you can get totally creative with them. For example, last year my Halloween costume was Zombie Laura Ingalls. The costuming possibilities abound! Zombie Buster Posey! Zombie Mitt Romney! Zombie Beyoncé! In honor of Halloween, Copperfield’s Books hosts two Zombie Walks through Petaluma and Sebastopol, where people have permission to terrorize humans in the farmers market and lumber through town moaning, “Brains! Brains!” Make sure to stay for the party afterwards and get some treats and maybe an award or two. The zombies walk on Saturday, Oct. 27, at Copperfield’s Petaluma (140 Kentucky St., Petaluma; 2pm. 707.762.0563) and Sunday, Oct. 28, at Copperfield’s Sebastopol (176 N. Main St., Sebastopol; 11am; 707.823.2618).

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