Oct. 19: Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular at the Lincoln Theater


It’d be easy to make a joke connecting the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular and psychedelic drugs, but that’d be doing the spectacle a disservice. A Pink Floyd laser show is awesome, even at age 10, even at age 70, and should be experienced at least once in everyone’s life. With a 50,000-watt stereo system, the Lincoln Theater is just the place to witness this glorious combination of audio and visual stimulation. And be sure to high-five the veterans in wheelchairs who might be there—the theater routinely gives free tickets for its events to residents of the nearby veterans home. Shine on Saturday, Oct. 19, at the Lincoln Theater. 100 California Drive, Yountville. 7pm. $20—$30. 707.944.9900.

Sonoma County Library