Oct. 11: Nomeansno and Victims Family at the Phoenix Theater

The name Victims Family is synonymous with the Sonoma County underground, and yet no band before or since has ever sounded anything remotely like them. The dizzying trio who blazed an unchartered trail of jazz, hardcore, funk and psychedelia throughout the ’80s and ’90s released six studio albums which to this day defy all convention—their 1990 classic White Bread Blues sees a vinyl re-release on Saint Rose Records later this year. After 25 years, the band plays only very sporadically—Tom Solyan is now a roadie for Sheryl Crow, Larry Boothroyd plays in Triclops and Ralph Spight, naturally, teaches guitar classes—and there’s no better band for Victims Family to share a double bill with than their old tour mates Nomeansno on Sunday, Oct. 11, at the Phoenix Theater. 201 E. Washington St., Petaluma. 8pm. $10. 707.762.3565.Gabe Meline

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