Nov. 6: Laughing Gravy at Last Day Saloon

Certain voices never fail to provide an immediate sense of calm, and Gram Parsons, who died in 1973, may have possessed just about the most paradoxical. With a tumultuous life that ended in tragedy out in Joshua Tree, Parsons left behind a near-perfect catalogue of songs, each one a hazy window into carefree ease. Over the years, the legend of Parsons ebbs and flows in varying degrees (reaching an apex in 2003 with Grand Theft Parsons, a film based on the hilarious journey of Parsons’ corpse after his death), but it’s never a bad time to resurrect his brilliant, emotional catalogue. No band in the area does Parsons’ music better than Laughing Gravy, a supergroup featuring members of Solid Air, Under the Radar, the Ruminators, the Last Record Store’s Doug Jayne and more. Knowing better than to mimic Parsons, Laughing Gravy instead captures the essence of songs like “Hickory Wind” and “Hot Burrito #2” and runs it through their Northern California filter. It’ll be hearts on fire when Laughing Gravy play Friday, Nov. 6, at the Last Day Saloon. 120 Fifth St., Santa Rosa. 8:30pm. $8–$10. 707.545.2343.Gabe Meline