Nov. 25: The Third Man screens at the Rafael Film Center


I’d like to cut you in, old man. There’s nobody in Marin County that I can really trust, and we’ve always done things together. When you make up your mind, I’ll send you a message, any place, any time. And when we do meet, old man, it’s you I want to see, not the police. Maybe we could meet up on a Ferris wheel in Vienna, old man, where’ll I’ll complain of indigestion, before opening up the door in a mildly threatening manner high above the dots—you know them as people—talking of Anna, false death and the futility of human existence. For I’m Harry Lime, old man, and one thing I know for sure is that the great Orson Welles film ‘The Third Man’ screens on Sunday, Nov. 25, at the Rafael Film Center. 1118 Fourth St., San Rafael. $10.50. 7pm. 415.454.1222.