Nov. 14: Algo & the Rhythms at Unity Music

They advertise the old-fashioned way. Taped to a pole downtown, with actual photocopy emulsion on an orange piece of paper, was the most ridiculously unreadable hand-drawn flyer I’d seen since 1988. After several minutes of closely inspecting the lowrider-inspired art, I deciphered the headliner: Algo & the Rhythms. An electronic trio comprised of Algo the Robot, L.O.G.O. the Percussor and Chromeleon, the local band specializes in laptop-infused dance songs owing debts to Daft Punk, Jon Carroll, Ian Curtis and many, many theme songs to Nintendo games. The band members often perform wearing silver lamé boxes on their heads, and this weekend, judging from the tiny handwriting on the flyer, they play with Troi, DJ Fresh Patchwork, Printer Cups and Attacks the Darkness on Friday, Nov. 14, at Unity Music. 1840 Piner Road, Ste. #18, Santa Rosa. 7pm. $8. Meline 

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