Nov. 1: John Gaines benefit at Tradewinds

There are bartenders and then there are bartenders. First settling behind the bar at the Tradewinds in Cotati in the 1970s, John Gaines falls into the latter, emphasized category. Gaines listened to tales of woe and poured stiff ones for three decades at the Tradewinds before running John’s Cafe at the Black Cat in Penngrove; he is, as they say, an institution. But even institutions can have health issues. Kidney and liver failure have left Gaines with sizable medical bills, and an all-day benefit featuring Volker Strifler, the Pulsators, Levi Lloyd, A Case of the Willys, Detroit Disciples, Hillside Fire, Joel Rudinow and more aims to raise money for the ailing comrade. “He was just a constant,” says the Tradewinds’ current bartender. “It wasn’t a Sunday morning with football without John.” Leave an extra tip on the bar on Sunday, Nov. 1, at the Tradewinds. 8210 Old Redwood Hwy., Cotati. Noon. $10. 707.795.7878.Gabe Meline