News Briefs

News Briefs

Vandalism Arrests

PETALUMA Police have charged four teenagers in the rampage of vandalism that trashed a third of the student lockers at Casa Grande High School Nov. 18. Acting on an anonymous tip, investigators contacted one of the suspects, who admitted his part in the spree, and told the officers who else had been involved. All four have since confessed, according to Petaluma Police Lt. Dave Dohn, and some items stolen from the school lockers have been recovered from the homes of the four boys. Three are 14-year-old junior high school students, and the fourth is a 16-year-old Casa Grande freshman. All have reportedly had prior contact with law enforcement, and will now face disciplinary action at their schools as well as criminal charges. Restitution may also be sought from the parents of the youths if the boys are found guilty of committing the vandalism.

Rates Raised

SANTA ROSA Water and sewer rates are going up again, along with the connection fees for new homes, with still more increases expected before the turn of the century. The City Council approved a 10 percent jump in water rates and a simultaneous increase of 3 percent in water rates last week, charges that are expected to boost the average homeowner’s monthly bill by about three dollars. At the same time, the council hiked the sewer connection fee for new homes by 59 percent, to $5,043 per house. The old rate, set in 1988, was $3,000. But according to city Finance Director Stan Lindsay, further water and sewer rates will need to go up another 15 percent and 21 percent respectively, by 1999, to cover the costs of the utility operations. As for the costs of long-term sewer solutions . . . don’t ask.

Record Winery Sale

GEYSERVILLE The Chateau Souverain winery here and Beringer Vineyards of St. Helena were the prime properties in a record $350 million sale of Wine World Estates from the international food conglomerate Nestle to a Napa Valley investment group. Silvarado Partners said they did not plan any immediate changes in the management of Wine World, which last year posted sales of more than 4 million cases worth over $200 million. Wine World also produces Napa Ridge brand wines, using the former Italian Swiss Colony facilities at Asti.

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