.Mustache Rides

Parking lot overtaken by bikes and brawn

The Pancho Villa. The Magnum. Fu Manchu. The Dali. Mustaches are so much fun—and what goes better with funny facial hair than bicycles?

What started 10 years ago as a “‘stache bash” in friends’ houses around Santa Rosa has bloomed into ‘Staches and Spokes, a celebration of the natural combination of the love of cycling and the lip sweater. “We decided to take it out into a public forum,” says organizer Jessica Strange, “because we were tired of cleaning up people’s houses, basically.”

The day features live music by Choque Different, Dan P and the Bricks, the Budrows, Elephant, and Rush and Attack, and an art show featuring over two dozen local artists, including Bohemian cover artists Sheryl Chapman, Wil Smith, Mica Jennings and Saif Azzuz. The Whiskeydrome daredevil cycling experiment will be up and rolling, and, of course, there’s the mustache contest. At this event, the favorite has to be the Handlebar. “The good, thick and hairy always seem to win,” says Strange.

‘Staches and Spokes takes place Saturday, Sept. 8, at the top level of the No. 9 parking garage. Fifth and Beaver streets, Santa Rosa. 3–8pm. Free. Mustache contest entries are due by 5pm.—Nicolas Grizzle


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