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I congratulate Bruce Robinson and you for the column summarizing Judge Tansil’s recent ruling and the events of the past few years with regard to KBBF-FM radio station in Santa Rosa (“Clearing the Air,” Blast, May 7). This bilingual public radio station, the first in the nation, is a treasure that needs attention and nurturing from our many citizens, both English- and Spanish-speaking. There will be another election soon, and it is an opportunity that invites good reporting and citizen participation.

I sincerely hope that you will continue to have coverage so that the community can understand the issues in depth, and be fully able to take action to preserve and develop what should be a community resource, building bridges across languages and cultures, and especially providing essential information to the Latino, Chicano and all indigenous peoples of Sonoma County.

Ann Tompkins

Santa Rosa

Great story here by P. Joseph Potocki (“We Are Family?” April 30). This is the sort of story that is usually under-researched and deserves a closer look. Costco’s practice of spinning off separate companies to work in its stores allows it to have its cake and eat it, too. The demonstrators don’t eat quite as well, and the rationale is offered that the income for them is merely supplemental. Not a pretty picture, but an accurate one. Thanks for publishing work of this quality.

Jeff Fletcher

Weaverville, N.C.

How can we miss him if he won’t go away?

 Alex Easton-Brown


This may be too Orwellian for some people, but it may appeal to those sharing my cynicism regarding the pandering of all the potential presidential candidates.

The only absolute truth we know about them is their body type and appearance. You want a pear-shaped, 60-year-old white woman or a tall, thin, youngish dark man or a 72-year-old, hunched-over, arthritic white guy? Wait until they match up with their vice-presidential candidates to make your final choice; opposites may attract.

Working this premise, pundits would probably find that each “type” of candidate has a subliminal appeal to his or her body-type look-alike no matter what they do—or don’t—promise.

Meaning, Tom Cruise and Pamela Anderson are not electable.

neil davis


I would like to take a moment to share the positive experiences that I have had with Valerie Brown over the past 20 years. I met Valerie in 1998 when she was an active board member of the Sonoma Valley farmers market. In 1990&–1992, when Valerie moved on to the city council, she was present when we had community issues arise, including supporting the Sonoma Community Center, the Vintage House, Valley of the Moon Boys and Girls Club and Sonoma Valley High school among others. Valerie was appointed in 2002 to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, where she has been a strong voice and supporter of the Sonoma Valley.

I see Valerie in our community at the Glen Ellen Fire Department pancake feed, the Boys and Girls Club auction, the Sonoma Valley farmers market, town hall meetings, school fundraisers and in our town, dining at our local restaurants. Valerie is a true representation of Sonoma Valley, and I proudly take this opportunity to voice my support. I encourage you to vote for Valerie Brown.

Sheana Davis



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