Meter Matters

Smart Meters and 5G towers—they may be smart at increasing the speed on computers and other devices, but at what cost? How smart is it to expose people, animals and the environment to strong, harmful radiation that makes us sick and can even kill?

According to many scientists, because of soft body tissue, infants and children—the most vulnerable among us—are absorbing the dangerous radiation at much deeper and faster rates than adults. The elderly are also more susceptible.

The poisonous radiation has no odor, color or sound. It is a sneak attack on humanity. The Smart Meters and 5G towers are being installed in communities around the world that have not been tested for safety. We, humans, are the guinea pigs.

The utility companies claim that they are perfectly safe but they are not tested for safety as it is too expensive. What is too expensive is the loss of health and life of humans. Where is the concern for humanity? The complete lack of concern for the citizens of the world is criminal. Fortunately, there are many courageous citizens and officials who have said no to the installation of Smart Meters and 5G towers in their homes, businesses and neighborhoods. There is much information on the internet regarding these positions. Check out “Smart Meter and 5G tower harm” in a search engine.

Citizens of the world need to awaken and become united against this devastating disaster. This is a holocaust of even more enormous proportions than we have seen before. It involves the whole world.

Please remember our children and grandchildren, who need a safe and healthy environment. Maybe some of you remember a brave, young schoolgirl, Kennedy Irwin, who spoke at a City of St. Helena meeting and pleaded with her elders to leave the earth in as healthy a place for her generation and those who come after as they had found it. Perhaps you read the Napa Valley Register recently where our same Kennedy Irwin spoke on behalf of the environment at the Youth March Worldwide.

Hurrah and many thanks to our courageous youth—steadfast stewards of our planet!

St. Helena

Perpetually Slanted

The only reason I bother with this New Age pander-rag is Daedalus Howell. Anyone who can write without a 40-pound cliche monkey hanging off his back has my attention. I got a bet with the Fates that the Bohemian will knee-jerk the “homelessness is about homes” meme. Let me smack you into the Age of Info—homelessness is an issue defined by drugs and mental health. Bridle your perpetual left-turn signal, or your Johannes Gutenberg certificate of authenticity will be revoked by the Union of Better Angels Local 777. 🙂

Santa Rosa

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