Mar. 26: Michelle Shocked at the Hopmonk Tavern

Being community-minded might involve eschewing the glitz of the stage lights for the crackle of a warm campfire. It might involve sharing songs instead of putting your own on a pedestal. Michelle Shocked has done both. Claiming her stake in the music industry with The Texas Campfire Tapes, a Walkman recording of the young songwriter singing around a campfire at a folk festival, Shocked recently mounted an democratic campaign. “Michelle Shocked is looking for a few good songs to add to the repertoire in her touring adventure across the U.S. this year,” her website announces. “If you’ve written a song, or know a song that articulates the Zeitgeist; 1-in-10 unemployed, 1-in-6 uninsured, long term partners denied marriage equality, home foreclosures  or mortgages underwater, political gridlock, bankruptcy or bailout . . . well, kid, this talent search is for you!” Hear Shocked sing the common people’s plight on Friday, March 26, at the Hopmonk Tavern. 230 Petaluma Ave., Santa Rosa. 8:30pm. $20–$23. 707.829.7300.Gabe Meline

Sonoma County Library