Mar. 19: God’s Oddities at Chrome Lotus

While it’s sadly not uncommon to see hip-hop artists onstage without a DJ, it’s downright maddening when they haven’t even bothered to record an instrumental track. Rapping over your own rapping? That’s lazy, unprofessional and cause for dismissal. Thankfully, there’s a knee-jerk in the other direction with live hip-hop bands flourishing, from the Roots in Philly to Heiruspecs in St. Paul to the Crown City Rockers in San Francisco. Quickly emerging as the North Bay’s most promising live hip-hop group, God’s Oddities boast a full band, on-point MCs influenced by the Rhymesayers oeuvre, and something all too rare in hip-hop: a girl. God’s Oddities songs can be introspective (“It’s Alright”), topical (“MySpace Girls”) or just plain party fodder (“RapSure”), but what they all have in common are loping beats and infectious hooks. Catch their style at the new club in town—which just last month announced it wouldn’t book hip-hop—on Friday, March 19, at Chrome Lotus. 501 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa. 9:30pm. $1. Meline

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