Life Goes On and Off

Up to now, there’s been enough room to go elsewhere. Another land, another country, across the great divide.

There was nothing too big or dangerous to keep us from settling.

Now the world is full of us.

What we seek is taken.

Over the rise are others like us.

What we need is theirs.

What we ask for is that it be shared.

The world, since all life began, has evolved

to provide sustenance for all beings.

Such as life begets life, and as life eats life,

this is how the world has revolved.

We have been given abilities to bond, speak, laugh and forgive.

What life has given us, we have not given back.

There is more of us and less of life.

When we are left with want, no song will save us.

For this small space of time

we have the power to sustain us all

by sustaining all life.

This will require much wisdom

which we lack.

Life will go on with or without us.

Our children who survive will

speak of an age when we were great.

They will worship a God

who demands that they give back

what we had received.

Norman Astrin lives in Cotati.

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