.Letters to the Editor:December 5, 2012

Letters to the Editor:December 5, 2012

Dogs Run Free?

I just saw your photo of “It’s a dogs life” showing three dogs who appear to be off-leash, running through the new Laguna de Santa Rosa (Table of Contents, Nov. 28).

I was enjoying this new path with my dog (who was on leash) yesterday, and owners who allow “wayward” dogs—as the caption to this photo describes—put others at risk and in danger. My dog, and many others’ when on leash, do not respond well to off-leash dogs, and it creates a very dangerous situation for both owner and canine.

The law is leash-only on this path—it would be great when depicting pictures of this wonderful new resource if the Bohemian would show dogs on leash, legally and safely enjoying the beautiful new path. Thank you.

Via online

Hi Eliza—thanks for the suggestion. People: leash your dog! We hereby print the below photo, which proves that dogs can still have a wild and crazy time while on a leash.—The Ed.

Home on the Grange

Nice introductory article on the grange by Rachel Dovey (“Estranged Grange,” Nov. 28). The GMO divide is certainly a likely suspect for divisions between California grangers and the national leadership, but perhaps it’s a bit too easy to put all the blame there. What about the events leading up to Bob McFarland’s suspension as California master—his actions in sparking new membership in granges that were about to be officially closed, properties that were about to be sold, with the profits going where? The national trend—everywhere but California—of grange properties being sold off as membership declines must be lining someone’s pockets.

Thank you for wading into the fray. Please continue to report on this very interesting conflict.


Schooling at the Un-School

I’ve just returned from visiting Nonesuch School at its new location on Watertrough Road in Sebastopol, and am inspired to write this letter. Lynne Koplof, Nonesuch’s director for the past 42 years, recognizes and appreciates the strengths and unique qualities in each of her students, and is dedicated to supporting young people to fulfill themselves and excel.

With Nonesuch’s enrollment declining these past few years, Lynne has yearned for the school to continue, and against great odds, Nonesuch is open and thriving. Their new “THINK Curriculum” embodies their educational philosophy based in truth, humanity, interdependence, nonconformity and knowledge.

Offering a very specialized education with a strong focus on English and social studies, junior and senior high school students are encouraged to investigate, examine and act, a philosophy exemplified in their current project of studying GMOs. Under the expert guidance of teacher Louise Vance, a professional independent filmmaker and video producer, students have visited the Petaluma Seed Bank, Laguna Farms and Andy’s Market, interviewed the managers, and are creating a video showcasing their research and viewpoints. What an excellent endeavor developing confidence, clarity, creativity and a sense of accomplishment.

Many students who were not happy at a more traditional school have flourished at Nonesuch. All of my four children attended Nonesuch, some of the lucky ones to participate in this nurturing environment where learning is a celebration and the individual is valued.


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