Letters to the Editor: September 27, 2017

'Could this be his Army-geddon?'

Which Essick?

I’m confused. Which Mark Essick is running for sheriff? Is it the one who wrote the article for the Bohemian “Open Mic,” Sept. 20) or the one I saw at the Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force meetings?

The newspaper Essick wants to “build partnerships to better engage with the community.” The meeting Essick was generally disdainful of the public, as well as uncooperative with his fellow appointees and outright disrespectful to the committee chairperson.

Newspaper Essick says, “If we work together we can keep Sonoma County a special place to live.” Meeting Essick refused to join the other members of the task force in sending their recommendations to the board of supervisors. He was the lone dissenter in a 19–1 vote. The recommendations included forming an independent review of law enforcement.

Newspaper Essick says he “worked to train police officers in de-escalation.” Meeting Essick nearly broke his neck shaking his head no when the public suggested a code of conduct that would avoid escalating language by law enforcement.

Newspaper Essick wants “to correct problems with transparency, oversight and community relations.” To do this he will need to make sure that Meeting Essick does not become sheriff of Sonoma County.



Donald Trump has some striking similarities to Sen. Joe McCarthy of anti-communist fame. He is clearly a disturbed man who is out of touch with reality. McCarthy mobilized hysteria to harass and persecute people, and got away with it until he went looking for communists in the Army. Trump is now taking on the NFL and the NBA. Could this be his Army-geddon?

Santa Rosa

Go Ride a Bike

As a bicyclist, I am the first to admit that there are cyclists who give bicycling a bad name by the way they ride, but Keith Rhinehart’s letter “Road Hogs” (Sept. 20) points to one of the problems of cycling that non-cyclists seem to be unaware of. Mr. Rhinehart complains that “rude” bicyclists are riding on the outside of the bike lane “purposefully forcing motorists to give them an additional three feet of space.” What Mr. Rhinehart doesn’t see is that most bike lanes are full of debris and broken glass, some purposefully thrown into the bike lane by “rude” citizens to interfere with cyclists.

I don’t have an answer about how to clean up the bike lanes, but how about if all motorists spend one day a year outside of their two-ton killing machines and on a bicycle or as a pedestrian to understand the real dangers of Sonoma County roads.

Santa Rosa

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