Letters to the Editor: October 29, 2013

Justice for Andy

This story makes me heartsick (“13-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies,” Oct. 23). All of the details will be analyzed by those investigating, and the public will only hear about the most obvious and least critical details. There is so much that is not published, not shared and can’t be rationalized; few people ever hear the whole story unless it goes to a jury. The debates over “toy vs. replica” or “shoot first ask questions later” ultimately are just factors in the more important issue of the lack of communication.

My prayers are with the Lopez family and all others who are feeling pain at the loss of Andy Lopez. My prayers are with the investigators, that they will look into every factor and truly find where justice lies. My prayers are with the officers that if or when they return to duty, it will be with a greater sense of diplomacy and compassion.

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I think that the police officers need to adopt the policy from the military: do not fire unless fired upon. This will 100 percent designate who is an enemy. I can tell from the picture that this is a toy gun. If you ever held an AK-47, you know this is a bulky heavy weapon and not easily carried. I feel for the parents for their loss; I played with toy guns all the time, and never did I have an issue with cops or any law enforcement over it. This officer now has to live with knowing he gunned down a child because he couldn’t tell a toy from the real thing.

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The Personal Is Political

It made me sad to read Rachel Kaplan’s snarky reaction to your article on Bea Johnson (“Refusing Waste,” Oct 23). Full disclosure: I own Kaplan’s book and admire her work. But I live in a regulated senior mobile home park, and can’t raise chickens or even have a compost pile. I’ve enjoyed Johnson’s blog, “Zero Waste Home,” for the past year. It has given me many great ideas, which I have implemented to pare down my own waste.

Scientist Jane Goodhall recently stated that “the world is in a terrible mess, but the place to start making change is in your own life.” I don’t choose to go up against Big Oil, Ag, Pharm and Coal, since these are remote entities to my every day struggle to buy food, pay the bills and keep a roof over my head. Rather than diss Johnson for being a “material anorexic,” Kaplan should keep in mind that we are all in this world together, doing our best to evolve and change as rapidly as the circumstances around us. Please keep publishing articles about local people contributing their own unique skills to creating positive change.


People Movers

Veolia provides essential human services to both Israelis and Palestinians (“Bus Stop,” Oct. 23). I traveled on the light rail, as it twisted through Arab and Jewish neighborhoods. It was filled with all sorts of people, and was lovely, efficient and affordable—just what you’d want people-movers to be. I hope that, ultimately, our elected officials make their decision based on what’s good for Sonoma County—not on some conflict thousands of miles away.

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Fun With
Data Mining

This idea might actually work (“Monkeywrenching the Data Mines,” Oct. 16). I’m nervous that if I like everything, my pages will be full of stuff I don’t like, like Michele Bachmann. But I can see how snoops and commercial profiling would fail if I feed the beast way too much. If we all do it in a short period of time, ya never know: it might back up like a cybernetic sewer.

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