Letters to the Editor: October 16, 2013

Letters to the Editor: October 16, 2013

Waste Not,
Want Not

I’ve been following Bea Johnson for a few years (“The Simple Life,” Oct. 9). This is one of the best articles on her admirable pursuits I’ve seen yet. Thanks again for sharing your lifestyle with us, Bea, especially in the face of rude and ignorant commentary by those who are too set in their wasting ways to consider adopting some zero-waste choices.

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Pioneer woman! This is awesome—I love my zero-waste lifestyle. Let’s get down to the basics. I feel the same way about my glass pantry, and, yes, the food should be the star. Simplicity in surroundings can be very helpful mentally and emotionally, but also in a very practical sense when it comes to cleaning.

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Great article! I’m so grateful that Bea has the courage to open up and share her story. I’ve learned so much from her over the years—she’s such an inspiration!

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At the beginning of the article “The Simple Life,” I was on board because my mom always said that if you can’t make the world better, don’t make it worse, and Bea Johnson certainly is trying to make things better.

But when I continued on and read that she eats meat, I jumped off the bandwagon. Ms. Johnson certainly should know that the raising of cattle for human consumption is one of the biggest things that pollute our world.

And what’s up with the television? That would have been the first thing I got rid of. Besides, I don’t think that “Pa Ingalls” had one. Hey Bea, you wanna save the planet? Jump in all the way; cut out the sugar, flour, etc. Do yourself a real favor and eat green. Then you will be saving more than just money. You will be saving you and your family’s health.


Freeway to Nowhere?

Thank you for printing such a wonderful article and making this important topic your front-page story (“Bypass Mayhem,” Oct. 2). You know Caltrans has really blown it when hundreds of ordinary citizens take to the streets, trees and wick drains. This rogue outfit is so out-of-control, all over the state, that it has rolled over the oversight agencies and most elected officials. Because of the Willits protests, a Contra Costa legislator is moving a bill to rein in this greedy beast. Please continue coverage of grassroots actions.


Thank you, Ms. Dovey, for presenting the environmentalist’s perspective in your story concerning Caltrans’ actions in Little Lake Valley. Caltrans is like an abusive husband that has hurt and disrespected his woman (the earth) time and time again. Those who bow to authority will put up with it, but the people of California who value the natural resources of our bio-regions more than destructive business-as-usual will continue to insist that a more appropriately scaled bypass be built. We need a bypass around Willits. Let’s build one that thoroughly addresses the congestion that we all can live with.


Crop Swap

To deal with the tsunami of extra produce in Berkeley (“Want Some Figs?” Sept. 25), during the growing months, we have a once a week “crop swap.” You take your extra abundance, lay it out on tables and blankets, and then take a card from a pack of playing cards. When you start, aces get first dibs, then twos, etc. Once you’ve gone through, and everyone has had a chance to take one item/bunch, then it’s a free-for-all. Folks show up with fruit and veggies, but also eggs, honey, jams, fermented goodies, seeds and plant starts. It’s a great way to meet fellow gardeners, find a good home for surplus and get produce. Transition Berkeley organizes it. (And, yes, I would love some figs!)


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