Letters to the Editor: November 12, 2014

Cover Correctness; Cow Cruelty

Cow Cruelty

Our society has laws to protect cats and dogs and horses from cruelty, but why not cows?


Wake up, liberals

When are the liberals going to figure out that the fight is not against the GOP since they are just doing their job. FDR is rolling in his grave and will continue to do so as long as these so- called Democrats get a free pass. Too many women feel that all they have to do is vote Democratic and their job is done (“Fight of our Lives,” Oct. 15). Untrue! Every last Democrat should be held accountable for not fighting hard enough for the poor and middle class, period!



First let me just say that I get that violence against women is real (“Eye of the Beholder,” Nov. 5). I’m also a male women’s libber, not just because I was married to one for 30 years but also because I understand, unfortunately, that it’s a man’s world. So with that out of the way, I too thought that your fall literature cover was about sex; not rape but sex. Perhaps they were into role playing and dress up? It definitely got the attention of my imagination, but then whenever I see a woman in a dress, regardless of age, my imagination goes to work. So what. I’m 61 and thankful that I still think about sex most of the time. My point is, we see what we want to see. Ms.Tate saw nothing but rape in your cover. I laughed at what I saw while she spit fire. I suggest to Ms. Tate that she should take, if she hasn’t already, her political correctness to a battered women’s shelter where I’m sure she could do more good instead of getting so pissy about a silly cartoon.

I’m not sure if it’s because I was disappointed that the story your cover referenced had not even a whiff of sex in it as I was lead to believe but your choice for 5th place should have been the winner. Much better story.   

Sonoma Valley

I’ve noted a couple of letters to the editor taking the Bohemian to task over the cover of the Fall Literature Issue, which portrays a woman kneeling in the foreground, being menaced by a man standing behind her. As a longtime reader of thrillers, I really don’t get a sexual nuance from this illustration; women (and men, too) get killed for sexual reasons, but for lots of others, as well. It seems to me, based on my expertise, that being a shooting victim is an equal opportunity occupation.

Santa Rosa

When Stett Holbrook first took over the editorship, his introduction of himself and his team was male-dominated, with no mention of any female staffers. At the time, I had a hunch that he was a sexist prig. His defense of the fall literature issue cover art has confirmed my suspicions. I think Mr. Holbrook needs to consider the possibility that he has zero self-awareness or maybe he simply doesn’t care that he’s a sexist prig.

Santa Rosa

What Andy’s death means

Now that the observance of the one-year anniversary of the death of Andy Lopez has passed, it is appropriate to clarify what it represents, and what it does not.

It represents an opportunity to acknowledge that there exists in our economically resplendent wine country unacceptable disparities of race, income and social justice which should give us cause for concern and inspire an abiding desire to see such inequities erased from our social fabric.

It represents an opportunity to acknowledge that several existing law-enforcement policies and procedures are in need of improvement and that meaningful changes can no longer be shelved, shoved over to the next decade or forever ignored.

It does not represent a time to cling stubbornly to failed policies of the past which have blocked the establishment of a park for 25 years and long-overdue infrastructure improvements in the Moorland neighborhood.

It is not a time to listen to those cynics who are telling us to “move on” in a misguided effort to sidestep confronting these difficult issues. The laudable goals of justice and community healing will continue to inspire those who actively seek their eventual attainment.

Finally, it is not a time for complacency.  We have only just begun to work.


Sonoma County Library