Letters to the Editor: May 30, 2018

'The Bohemian has a responsibility to choose more carefully which voices to amplify'

About Nazis

I felt profound shock and nausea when I read the two racist and anti-Semitic letters to the editor my local paper chose to give a platform to on May 16 under the headline “Say No to Nazis.”

The first letter makes unsupported blanket accusations about Koreans and Korean-Americans being bigoted and ignorant. The second brought out a hateful and unfounded anti-Semitic conspiracy theory using “America First” rhetoric in a way eerily reminiscent of American Nazi sympathizers before WWII.

In the United States, we value an individual’s right to free speech, and yet as thoughtful and caring citizens, we are under no obligation to give a platform and megaphone to hate speech. The Bohemian has a responsibility to choose which voices to amplify more carefully.

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Fearless Voting

I would like to share my experience of Napa as a relative newcomer with fresh eyes. Placing my children into elementary school here, it was clear that there are families in the wine industry, and those who are not. Those not in the wine business are often invisible, and don’t speak out for fear of not being included.

Many belonging in the wine industry blindly support what is happening, even when it is not in their best interests, for fear of ridicule. Often those who work for the industry are afraid to make waves, and be shunned by the community. Worst of all, those working in the vineyards do not speak for fear of losing their livelihoods.

People being afraid to speak is, sadly, the way Napa County likes it. I am voting yes on Measure C because citizens are being bullied so that unsustainable corporations can deforest the land and use up water for profit.

I oppose No on C because—what’s in it for me? I’m not voting for someone else to make billions of dollars while simultaneously stealing our future’s water and trees.

Despite our county government catering to Big Developers, we still have the freedom to vote. Fear not! How you vote is no one’s business but your own, and counts now more than ever.


Mutz Is the Man

We are so excited to have met and now to support a truly inspiring leader! This dynamite candidate will be on our June 5 ballot running for a most important position, that of Sonoma County Sheriff.

We are so moved by his sincerity and professionalism, and his commitment to all the people of Sonoma County—both those in the department and the community at large.

John Mutz is a team player who listens to the concerns of the public about law enforcement and will ensure that the outcomes are fair to all. He can bring change, which may be necessary in the department, and he will encourage staff and community members to work together bringing creative ideas to resolve conflicts and make us all proud! We know he is the man for the job. Please vote for John Mutz as our next Sonoma County sheriff.


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