Letters to the Editor: May 20, 2015

Awesome, Michele; Amazing, Rosso; Thanks, editors; Do the math, guys; Stay, Bohemian

She’s Cookin’

Awesome lady (“In the Kitchen with Michele Anna Jordan,” May 13). Thank you, Michele, for many years of great food advice.

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They’re Cookin’

The brunches at Rosso Rosticceria are simply amazing (“That’s Amore,”
May 13). Best eggs Benedict around, and they change all the time depending on the season.

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It’s Hangin’

Thank you for this article (“Don’t Have a Cow,” May 6). It is now hanging in the window of my gallery in Guerneville.

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Yes on A

I’ve listened to all the arguments both for and against Measure A, and I’ve come down firmly on the yes side of Measure A. Services cost money. There’s no way around that. However, looking at the numbers, I’ve learned that if Measure A passes, it will raise the sales tax one-quarter of 1 percent and cost Sonoma County residents about $42 a year. It’s also estimated that our cars suffer so much damage from the deteriorated condition of our roads, it costs us, on average, about $900 a year to maintain them. Look, I hate taxes as much as the next guy, but you do the math. I’m voting for Measure A.


Keep the Boho
in Marin

Please keep distributing in Marin. We go out and about in Sonoma County as much as Marin. Folks here want to read about the North Bay, not just Marin County. There must be other ways to address potential concerns about competition.

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