Letters to the Editor: May 13, 2015

Letters about letters; Cap and trade fiasco

Crop Mob

Thank you, SJOutsideTheBubble (Letters, May 6)! Finally somebody gets it. Sort of anyway. The fix is in, people; it’s all about population control. Global warming, indeed. The planet is now and always has been constantly changing, just like every other living thing. That’s the way it works. Ice age—ever hear of it? Everything changes. There’s also plenty of water; it’s just coming down in different places. How about getting pissed off about our polluted freshwater? How about getting a little upset about the islands of floating garbage in our oceans.

And to ‘John Galt’: Sorry, pal but that’s what they want; point the finger at others, blame others, keep us at one another’s throat. Don’t fall for it, don’t be fooled.

Sonoma Valley

The array of letters in response to your “Crop Priority” article was most aptly juxtaposed next to Tom Tomorrow’s “Helpful Responses to Baltimore.” The logic in these rants displays symptoms of the same neural deficiency characterized in each of the cartoon frames. Despite how sad it is that logic and critical thinking skills have diminished so profoundly this century, it makes for hilarious copy. Thanks for posting.

West County

Cap and Charade

Several months ago, the city of Santa Rosa paid $300,000 to clean up west Sonoma County’s Ocean View Farms’ cow-manure waste pit, enabling the $5 million sale of the former dairy to a Kendall-Jackson executive to move forward. Its pastures are now vineyards.

It made me crazy, and I subsequently complained to Santa Rosa council member Gary Wysocky, who sympathized and referred me to the city’s wastewater department for an explanation. The department’s manager delivered a circular justification about how a pollution problem had been eliminated via the city of Santa Rosa having purchased pollution “credits” against unspecified future problems, and that “the environment” was better off, no matter who paid the tab, and that’s what’s important. What?

No matter how I argued that the owners of Ocean View Farms had avoided all responsibility for its polluting actions, he would not budge, as if he were in a parallel universe.

This is an example of California’s cap and trade program, the shell game that always leaves the taxpayer holding the bag. It hasn’t worked in Europe, where it has largely been abandoned, and it doesn’t work here.


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