Letters to the Editor: March 18, 2015

Park trumps ranchers; The science is settled

Room for Both

A responsible article (“Wild Meets Mild,” March 11) on a difficult subject with no simple answers. A refreshing change from the hyperbole reported by local newspapers. At one extreme are those who want to evict the ranchers from the park’s pastoral zone; and at the other, those who want to evict the elk from the park’s pastoral zone. But some of us believe there is room for both ranchers and elk, but it will take some work by the park, willing collaboration by interested parties and a tone-down of the hyperbole.

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Save the Elk

The mission of the national park system trumps provincial interests (“Wild Meets Mild”). Elk have long been an emblem of what’s wild. As the drought continues, more hay must be imported to continue farming. There is land designated for farming, and it’s very low on the pecking order for a national park. Poachers take numbers of elk every year, and cougars take calves and old adults. On my own ranch, I caught three young men killing animals just to celebrate their new rifles.

It is a miracle of sorts they are coming back. I gave up hunting years ago as I could no longer pull the trigger. What will future generations find here? I hope they encounter elk, as it never fails to straighten neck hair and lift your hat—the regal beauty and connection to the primordial past. Which is why we seek out national parks.

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Speculation and


In his anti-vaccination rant, Abraham Entin (Open Mic, March 11) does not present one iota of scientific or logical evidence. The fact that his children were born at home is irrelevant to the subject. So were mine. His claim that “there is no such thing as ‘settled science'” is pure baloney. Science progresses because of continued research and has a methodology for discovering mistakes and refining or improving what is known. What makes it settled is it’s practical use after being repeatedly tested.

The last paragraph is such a mish-mash of speculation, hyperbole, innuendo and supposition that all logic is thrown out the window. He assumes that all of our fellow citizens employed in immunology, virology and epidemiology are so motivated by greed that they are cowed into submission and will not speak out.

He speculates, again without a shred of evidence, that the rise in childhood asthma and autoimmune diseases is caused by vaccination, never considering that it might have something to do with the thousands of untested chemicals in the environment or any other causes other than vaccinations.

It is disturbing that such drivel is accepted by many as sensible, when it would not pass muster in a high school debate. He’s entitled to his opinion, but to warrant a special space in the Bohemian, one should at least have to make a case for his position.


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