Letters to the Editor: March 11, 2015

Spirits at the Phoenix; Paging Dr. Gogola

Ghost Hunter

Right before Tom Gaffey took over the Phoenix Theater, my friend’s dad was the manager (“Ghost Stories,” Feb. 25). We were about 11 or 12 years old at the time, and basically lived there and helped him with everything from ushering to selling concessions. I saw many things while hanging out there before and after hours. The projection booth ghost was seen many times. I’ve also have seen someone in the balcony on several occasions. I’ve never been afraid, though. Hanging at the Phoenix was partly responsible for me being a ghost hunter myself. Good times!

Via Bohemian.com

Cures for Cancer

Tom, you certainly are a solid writer, even a decent journalist, but what you ain’t is a doctor, so stop playing one in your paper. The next time you make the statement that turmeric has the power to kill cancer (“Turmeric, Wonder Spice,” Feb. 4) please feel free to mix in the words “maybe” or “might,” otherwise what your playing is the part of a charlatan.

I’m a third-generation cancer survivor of lymphoma B cell. My grandmother had it back in the ’30s when all they had was cobalt, which didn’t work for her, but I know from the research I’ve done that cobalt did work for some. My mom had the same cancer twice and beat it both times; once with radiation, the other with chemo. In 2000, when I turned 45, I also received the news. Again, lymphoma on my liver. Doctors gave me a 10 percent chance of making it. I did a month of research because I sure as shit wasn’t going to put the poisonous garbage in my body after 40-plus years of doing heroin. But in the end, I decided that chemo gave me my best chance.

Last year, my brother’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors told her that she had a good chance of survival if she did the juice. If she didn’t, she’d die. She decided to go the holistic route, because a friend of hers, who was in his late 70s, terminally ill from cancer and given only months to live did both cannabis oil and turmeric, and his cancer was gone in three months. Coincidence? My brother’s wife was dead within six months.

I knew a guy who claimed that by using a trampoline, his tumor was broken up. His doctors could only shake their heads. BS? Coincidence? Should we all run out and buy trampolines?

My point is, in the world of cancer there are no absolutes. Don’t you think that if turmeric or any other of the alternatives medicines absolutely worked, every cancer patient would be doing it? Because in the end, it’s all about luck.

Sonoma Valley

Editor’s Note: Tom Gogola’s statement that turmeric cures cancer was written with a grain of salt. The next line says the “anti-inflammable qualities are less debatable.” Meaning, the cancer-curing claims are debatable.

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