Letters to the Editor: January 31, 2017

'I may very well be completely lost and in the dark'

Worthy Metal

My band, the Axiom Collapse, is on this compilation (“Gather the Horde,” Jan. 23). Sonoma County Metal and Hardcore has done so much for the local metal scene. It makes me have pride in our county to see how much the metal community has grown since Ernest Wuethrich started his promotion company. I hope to see a lot of new faces come to the local concerts to support all these bands and have a good time, like I always do. I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen or heard any of the bands on the CD to come check them out. It’s worth the money, trust me. And if metal isn’t your scene or you haven’t been to a metal show, give our county a chance. Every metal band in Sonoma County has talent and something to offer.

Via Bohemian.com

What’s to Be Gained?

With the number of states that have already moved to legalize cannabis, and the number of those that already have (both medically and recreationally), Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ move is extremely difficult to understand—and especially with the timing of his rescinding the Cole Memo (“Alabama Slammer,” Jan. 9). Why it’s difficult to understand is that it doesn’t seem to make sense and, in fact, defies making sense, since there’s nothing to be gained by it politically, legally or financially, and only much to be lost by it on all fronts. I may very well be completely lost and in the dark, but what am I missing here?

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The Golden Goose Is Dead

Ignorance, incompetence and cupidity, and all those otherwise unfunded pensions, have led the state and county authorities to kill the golden goose—the cannabis community’s family cultivators and small makers. Their seven sets of arbitrary and capricious rule changes and secret deals to change public agreements have alienated everyone otherwise willing to participate in their game. No one can trust these people who are, for instance, trying to bluff us that Proposition 215 “sunsets.”

Their excesses have guaranteed a thriving black market. They will tell us we will no longer go to jail, but now they can take away our home with crushing civil infraction penalties, driving small players out of the county and underground.

There are thousands of people who would participate in a fair and just system but who can’t afford to play in a system designed to corporatize the whole grassroots economy. I call for our “leaders” to serve all their constituents instead of their corporate masters.


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