Letters to the Editor: January 25, 2016

All these years, you've shielded the wrong end of your body in tin foil

Poverty Stinks

I was a maintenance supervisor as part of a low-income property management team, and I can tell you from experience that low income housing has become a de facto psychiatric ward, rehab center, retirement home and hospice all rolled into one. I was raised to judge a society based on how they treat the least among them, and Palm Inn (“Off the Streets,” Dec. 11) serves as further evidence of barbarism. It simply bridges the gap between official policy and grim reality. Poverty does indeed have an odor: it smells like sulfur and putrescine.

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Woman Up

The recent marches, with thousands of women, men and children showing up in Santa Rosa and Sonoma, prompted me to do something I’ve been thinking about for months. And that is to write to the Bohemian about the lack of women in its pages. In the recent issue, I found not one article with a women’s byline. On the masthead, only male names appear as editors or contributors. Over the past few years, seldom do women appear on the cover. What’s up with this?

I want to see a real change where women are substantial and regular contributors to the paper. Man up, guys, and make some changes.


Vote with
Your Feet

Now that Donald Trump is president, it’s time for people trying to keep the government out of their minds by wearing tin or aluminum foil hats (TFHs) to remove their headgear and start wearing steel-tipped boots instead. The TFHs never worked because the governmental access port into its citizens is not through their head but through their feet, and most aluminum foil is made by Reynolds or another corporate giant that is not going to sell a product that helps people maintain their independent thought, when independent thought is the only defense against being rounded up into a herd by a government controlled by those very corporations.

The only defense against this vile scourge against our sovereign selves is wearing steeltoed boots, preferably ones with steel shanks. This will protect you from receiving unwanted signals, but that alone will not protect you from the government using your feet to keep tabs on you. To prevent that, you must also keep very close track of your socks. Have you ever wondered why your socks disappear? Socks are also made by corporations, and whatever is in those cotton blends is perfect for recording your every thought and deed. We do not all lose our socks. The government comes and takes them without any warrant or justification of any kind.

The next four years are going to be trying times for this country. Don’t make it easy for them. Protect your feet and keep track of your socks. To be safe, tie-dye all your socks. For some reason, tie-dye messes with the cotton blends, turning the downloaded data into lousy sounding bootleg recordings of old Grateful Dead songs.


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