.Letters to the Editor: February 28, 2018

'The subhead should have read 'Media Coverage of the #MeToo Movement Opens Old Wounds''

Face It

Regarding the article “Triggered” (Feb. 7), I found the cover image inappropriate and negative. The graphic portrays a woman with her hands covering her face, perhaps crying, shamed and a victim—not a strong and healing survivor. Why that image?

The article inside describes how the media, including newspapers, TV, the unending “news” (clickbait) cycle and social/anti-social media have focused on very harmful and painful images and issues (including the presidential election) that negatively affected women who had been sexually assaulted and/or harassed. The article also describes many supportive resources, such as groups, classes and actions, that women are using to heal and grow strong.

But the headline and cover image ignore all that. Based on the article and on events in the country, the subhead, “the #MeToo Movement Opens Old Wounds,” should have read, “Media Coverage of the #MeToo Movement Opens Old Wounds,” and been accompanied by a positive image of a woman.

Let’s remember that no one has to watch or read the “news” or fall for computer clickbait. We can always know what’s going on. And let’s also see men start mobilizing to support women and prevent sexual harassment.


The Time
Has Come

Thank you to all of the dedicated activists who were able to attend Sonoma County Board of Supervisors meetings last month to express their strong opinion that the county of Sonoma should settle the Andy Lopez lawsuit and stop its desperate attempt to secure a legal victory.

With the publication of the legal opinion by the 9th Circuit Court, which included numerous details that had heretofore not been made available to the public, it has become painfully clear that this case is a losing proposition for the county, and that with each bruising loss the county sustains as it attempts to navigate the tortuous path of the federal legal system, the amount it is going to take to settle this matter has grown exponentially. And I expect this amount to increase significantly if the county’s latest petition to the U.S. Supreme Court is ultimately denied.

And who will wind up footing the bill for this misguided legal lunacy? The taxpayers of Sonoma County, of course.

It’s strange that since this tornado of legal paperwork began to be filed in opposition to the Lopez’s wrongful-death claim, I have not heard a single fiscal conservative register even the slightest complaint about this extravagant, wasteful expenditure of public funds.

The time has come for our supes to face reality, stop protecting Erick Gelhaus, bring down the curtain on this atrociously expensive legal charade and pay the Lopez family the monetary compensatory settlement that they so rightfully deserve for the unjust killing of their beloved son Andy, so that this sad chapter in Sonoma County history can be closed. Place my name squarely in the column for advocating for settlement of this case.


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