Letters to the Editor: February 24, 2016

In which the feared anagram generator is turned against one of our own


Tom Gogola’s beach bum article (“Shacked Up,” Feb. 17) is very well-written and provides the best description of the ’60s–’70s I’ve heard in an article not ostensibly written about that era.

His beach retreat is a microcosm of those days. For those who weren’t there back then, there were so many living spaces—houses, shacks, forests, meadows, beaches—that were hideaways such as he describes.

Camp Meeker

Grape Rush

In the Feb. 10 interview in the Bohemian (“Dodd & Country”), Assemblyman Bill Dodd was mistaken in his assumption that Sonoma County has the same stringent agricultural rules as Napa County. Napa agricultural lands are held in a unique agricultural preserve, and there are restrictions on production, sourcing of grapes and events on ag land. None of these restrictions or conditions exists in Sonoma County. Our Sonoma County general plan environmental impact report assessed impacts of 239 facilities by 2020. It’s 2016, and we already have 439 wineries built, with more in the pipeline.


If the Name Fits

Coming up with the most insulting anagram of a dead person’s name (“Scalia via Anagram,” Feb. 17) sounds like a “moot goal, g.”

Via Bohemian.com

Doing the Right Thing

I hope the Bohemian will be running an article soon on the dismal response by the medical cannabis industry to register with the water board and submit to inspections to mitigate environmental damage. We are one of only two or three grows in the entire county who have stepped to the plate and done the right thing.

I have been increasingly disgusted by the Bohemian‘s coverage of the industry, blindly supporting the bad actors who have been flouting regulations for massive financial gain.

The state, finally, has started doing its job. It’s time the growers, the press and the end users start doing theirs.


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