Letters to the Editor: February 18, 2015

No to Cosby, Yes to Cosby; A new theory of love; Shhh, dear listeners

Cosby Question

Thank you for writing this article (“Cosby Conundrum,” Feb. 11). A friend of mine
has gathered over 3,700 signatures for a petition to stop Cosby’s appearance. The list is growing, and this is one show that should not go on.

Via Facebook

Thank you for bringing to my attention that Cosby is performing. I might have missed his show otherwise.

Via Facebook

Dark Love

An amendment to the assertion that love is but a lonely void; love is dark energy. A definition goes like so: “A theoretical force that permeates all of space and assists in the expansion of the universe.” Down to the smallest particle pushing, pulling, coaxing, stroking, caressing, shoving, contorting, confounding often for reasons in ways that leave us feeling . . . utterly clueless.

Lytton Springs

Pipe Down, People

As a fellow lifelong musician, I hear ya, Jeff Falconer (“Say What?” Feb. 4). I am amazed that I have witnessed, more and more over the last couple of years, people having full-blown conversations while a band is playing away, sometimes right in front, talking loudly, trying to compete with the band. And not just here in Sonoma County. I’m talking the Fillmore. People, don’t you get why they started amplifying the blues in Chicago: because everyone was carrying on so much, you couldn’t hear the music.

I have been to shows over the last few years, string bands and singer-songwriters, where people are talking away, like it’s just background music. The idea that performers are playing music they have rehearsed and sweated hour over completely escapes them. The inability of people to leave their phone alone for a period of more than 10 minutes is obviously a new evolutionary trend. As I’m fond of saying lately, you’re either awake or asleep.

However, credit should be given where credit is due. I produce a series of singer-songwriter-in-the-round shows in west Sonoma County, and in the three venues I’ve used, audiences have been amazingly quiet and respectful. I do threaten them when we start the show, but truth be told, I only weigh
147 pounds.

Maybe a new protocol needs to be established. When the musicians feel the level of other sound gets to be too much, they just stop playing. If no one notices after whatever time you set, pack it up and go home. I’d say “And collect your pay,” but I don’t mean to create paralyzing fits of laughter.


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