Letters to the Editor: August 24, 2016

The green hell!

99 Percent Solution

Sonoma County has a golden opportunity to take back its board of supervisors from the political cronies who have been using their bought-and-paid-for supervisors to carve up the bounty of the county and serve it to their friends.

The good ol’ boys have hand-picked Lynda Hopkins to replace their fallen golden boy Efren Carrillo. There’s no mystery there. A board majority of Rabbitt, Gore and Hopkins will continue to represent big corporate wine and the rest of the 1 percent.

Enter Noreen. Noreen Evans, Shirlee Zane and Susan Goren could become a majority that tempers decisions with compassion and a greater care for our environment. At least there would be a chance to kick the cronies to the curb.

Lynda Hopkins has no experience. She is funded and manipulated by the 1 percent. Noreen Evans will hit the ground running with a 20-year, scandal-free record of public service for the 99 percent.Opportunity is knocking. Let’s not blow this. Vote for Noreen Evans to occupy the 5th District seat.


Lochte Was Loaded

About those four American, elite gold medal athletes—white and privileged. Back in my youth, while living in the L.A area, three or four of my teen-aged punk friends would drive to Tijuana, Mexico, and we would all get drunk while visiting the wild and wicked bordellos. Back in my day, we would give money and pay off those we offended. No one bothered us and we were invisible to the authorities, whom we also paid off. So here we are all these years later, and what is different? I think those boys should be dealt with so that other young vandals think twice before dissing Third World people who live in poverty. Haven’t we learned anything since the 1960s and the anti–Vietnam War days?

Santa Rosa

Let It Burn

Native Americans used to manage forest and grasslands by periodically burning them (“Last Stands,” July 27). The result of a hundred-plus years of putting out every fire and not cutting for fire control is catastrophic fires that are burning at this very moment in California.

Surely there should be ways of ending both distributive policies of clear-cutting and/or letting the green hell we have created burn to the ground. Many of our forests are just plain dying due to overgrowth, lack of water, beetle infestation and other blights like sudden oak death and root rot. Just like overcrowding in the human world.

I love a green forest as much as anyone. Please don’t be fooled by the environmentalist crowd—an unmanaged forest will sooner or later be lost to everyone.

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