Letters to the Editor: August 23, 2017

'I broke a pack-plus per day cigarette habite by lighting up a joint'


Wow, have I missed Recology (“The Zero Wasteland,” Aug. 16)! I moved from S.F. three years ago, and it was like moving into the dark ages regarding what was not being recycled, and it actually got worse with time.

Via Bohemian.com

I was pleased to read about the change in the garbage collectors who serve us. It was about a year or so that we could no longer purchase good compost at the Sonoma County landfill. The compost at the dump was at a fair price and handy enough to save on hauling. Since then, our green waste is being taken to another county at greater expense and pollution.

Recology looks to be a better choice for reducing ecological impact. It is best to keep all processes local, as it reduces cost and is more likely to keep us aware of where our waste goes. What are the plans for the future disposal of our waste? Will it be possible to purchase compost directly? Will there be citizen input on expanding and bringing us into zero-waste paradigm?

Listening to the people you serve is good for our community and the climate.


Added Benefits

I am encouraged to see a gay candidate running for Sonoma County sheriff in June 2018 (Open Mic, Aug. 9). Jay Foxworthy has all the street cred to be sheriff, but with an added dimension of compassion and understanding of diversity in our community. It would be so fantastic not to have conservatives policing us for a change.

Santa Rosa

of the Gritters

In 1971, I broke a pack-plus per day cigarette habit by lighting up a joint whenever the nicotine craving got too strong (“Off the Booze,” Aug.16). Forty-six years later, I am still nicotine-free, but not smoking as much weed as I used to. I guess I was way ahead of my time.

Santa Rosa

Dept. of Correcting the Incorrect Corrections

Our correction of an editing error in a story about the University of San Francisco’s purchase of Star Route Farms (Debriefer, Aug. 9) was also in error (!) as it misstated the name of the university. The University of San Francisco purchased Star Route Farms.We regret the errors.

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